Executive Producers - Beth Craig Hall and Randy Blevins
Associate Producer - Sara Gettelfinger
Directed by: Drew Fracher
Stage Manager: Barbara Hayes
Musical Direction by: Alan Patrick Kenny
Assistant Musical Direction: Corwyn Hodge
Choreography by: Sara Gettelfinger
Projections by: David Jester and ProJECT Hope Louisville
Sound Designed by: Jesse Vaughn
Lighting Designed by: Steven Koehler
Costumes Designed by: Clove Harrington
Hair and Makeup Design: Mikhail Schultz
Design Concept by:
Beth Craig  Hall, Sara Gettelfinger, Drew Fracher, Benjamin Rodman, Dan Fitzgerald, David Jester
Production Designed by: Infinity Productions Ben Rodman and Dan Fitzgerald
Props Designer: Katelin Ashcraft
Flying Track Systems by: ZFX
Flying Director: Brian Owens
Iroquois Amphitheater Parks Manager: Michael Hallett
Technical Director: Scott Davis
Assistant Technical Director: Jeff McLeid
Child Wrangler: Rita Hight
Rehearsal Toto: Ruth and Rosie via Emily Smith, LCSW