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The Actors Center for Training is offering stunt and combat classes for $10 through the month of March. Beth Hall, director for ACT, said you will learn moves from fight scenes you see in movies and on TV.

To make sure no one gets hurt, students are taught muscle control, depth perception and coordination. "The person who looks like they're getting hurt is really the one in control," said Hall.

Isaiah Flowers, a student at ACT, he said the chokeholds look violent but they're actually not.

"They're actually holding onto your hips by themselves, you're not holding them up at all," said Flowers. "All you're doing is supporting their neck so that they don't fall back.

Hall said stunt and combat class is a great way to exercise and learn some of the moves you see on the big screen.

Stunt and combat class is offered on Sundays from noon to 2 p.m.

During March, the class is discounted to $10.


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