The New Pilot Season Prep

Sun Dec. 6, 2020 • 4-7pm • $78

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Pilot season will be different this year. Different criteria and ways to submit yourself. This prep class will help you navigate and be successful.

This 3 hour master class with Director/Producer Bill Herndon, Casting Director Paul Weber, and Imaging and Branding Expert Angela Lee will take you through what is current in terms of submissions and auditions and how to make them stronger and stand out! You will provide the following: 1. Once you register send your current headshot and resume to The team will look over and select some of you to give feedback to the class 2. Prepare a 1 minute monologue from a contemporary source (not a well known film or TV Series). It should be prepped for on camera. You will perform it and get feedback! The team will then cover the following: State of the industry -What Has Changed (Tv/Film) What do You Do Now and Why is Branding and Marketing Important? The Casting Perspective – What Casting professionals expect from Actors Master Your Tools (Headshots, Reels, Social Media) Bill and Paul have been producing work in Indiana and will be shooting a series in 2021. They bring their expertise and industry insider POV to help you compete like any actor in a bigger market. No refunds or transfers due to limited class size. You will receive a zoom link prior to the class. Paul Weber is one of the most respected Casting Directors in Hollywood. He has cast over 75 Features and television series, including “Spartacus”, “Legally Blondes”,”The Outer Limits”, “Dead Like Me”, the “Stargate” trilogy series, and many more.

Bill Herndon - Award winning Producer/Director, is the founder and President of SFI Enterise and M2M Productions, with 18+ years of industry experience. Mr. Herndon has had development deals with VH1 and Big Fish Productions. Mr. Herndon is a creator and producer of “7 Hills” (IMDb). His projects include the award winning short film "A Life to Live", a new sitcom in development call PARDA (IMDb), past projects include "America’s Next Big Franchise" (winner for the 2015 NYTVF A&E Pipeline Development), "Sisters of the Game" (winner for the 2013 NYTVF Lifetime Network Development Pipeline), "Stage Moms of LA" ( 2014 Semi- Finalist for NYTVF Lifetime Network Development Pipeline), and more.


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