ACTORS! All classes are drop-in this year. We have worked with pricing and have some great options for all levels.


For beginner to intermediate performers. These classes are for performers who are just getting started or who have not been in the swing of things for an extended amount of time.  These classes are designed to get your creativity, technique, and performance level up to industry standards.

Instructor: Beth Craig Hall and other guest instructors


This training program is the ultimate work out in technique, genre, and application. Classes are for young actors who want to audition for plays, work on commercials, throw their hat in the ring for TV and film. Even if they choose not to pursue a performance career, the skills from this class help form self-confidence, the ability to think on your feet, as well as critical thinking skills, professional skills and manners, and the ability to assess a situation and “know your role.”  Moreover, these classes will give them concrete documentation of their skills.

SUNDAY | 1:00-2:00pm

ACTING - Youth

This class is for children who have an interest in performing arts. We play fun theatre games, learn about expressing emotions, build confidence, and begin basic memorization skills. This class is about critical thinking skills and communicating in an articulate confident manner. 

SUNDAY | 2:15-3:45pm

ACTING - Teens
 Classes at this age go more in-depth and are rigorous.  Students will cover different topics each week from improv and scene study to auditions for local theater.  The skills learned here go beyond acting. Just like the class for younger performers - analyzing, preparation, professionalism, confidence, and more.


WEDNESDAY | 7:15-8:15pm

ACTING - Adults
 We prepare you for the job, not just the audition. In this class designed for the adult actor, you'll learn acting skills and audition techniques along with commercial acting, scene attacks, character analysis and our ACT Louisville special secret weapon — Frontloading.

SATURDAY | 11:15am-12:15pm


Instructor: Megan. Using play the students learn to explore within boundaries,  create characters, improv, and also the expectations of children in a theatrical or on camera setting.  We teach the nuts and bolts and then get a little nutty!


For experienced performers looking to keep their skills sharp. If you're not working, you should be training and our Scene-a-Week drop in sessions are the perfect way to maintain your performance level. Perfect for stage and screen actors alike, you'll be ready when that next audition opportunity comes around.

MONDAY | 7:00pm-8:00pm

$20.65 per class for all skill levels


Instructor: Beth Hall

Commitment: Sign up in advance. Limited to 10 people.

This class really preps actors for the audition process no matter if it is stage or on camera. Once you sign up for a session (must be between- 48 and 24 hours BEFORE the session) you will receive sides within that window after registering.  You will prepare the role as you would for a live audition. You will come in, perform, and be taped. You will review the tape and receive feedback and then get a 2nd chance to audition again with notes. We'll review the before and after together.  This session is a great way to keep your skills sharp. It does not replace training and should not be your only choice for training. However, it is an excellent way to stay sharp in between jobs, to prep for an audition, or to get back in shape!


Ages 8-12 | Saturday 12:15 -1:15pm
Teens and Adults | Monday 5:45pm-6:45pm


Instructor: Barb Cullen

If you are serious about getting a role on stage, you should be ready for any audition. In this weekly coaching class, you will build your book, develop your monologue repertoire, and learn how to pick up choreography quickly. Once a month a live piano accompanist will be on site so you can really rehearse your audition piece. 


Instructor: Claudia Coffey​

Private coaching available. $50 for 30 minutes.


Find your confidence and your voice. Professional broadcast journalist and media relations expert Claudia Coffey will give you the skills you need to succeed and to present yourself in a professional manner. This class is essential for students who are used to communicating only through technology. Learn how to sell yourself and develop a public persona to help you land that new job, get accepted to that academic program, dazzle a live audience with your presentation, and nail that on-air interview!


Instructors: Vary

Price: Varies


Actors Center for Training understands that committing to a weekly class is difficult.  We also understand that actors and performers need to learn specific skills or need to strengthen others. So our intensives are designed to allow our actors to take a month of classes in a day or 2 day intensive.


We bring in industry names to help build your resume to an industry standard resume so you are not locked into a specific region. We also believe Louisville and Southern Indiana have the best experts to train as well.  All of it is to give talent what they need to succeed. No excuses—get in shape and then reach your peak potential and then maintain!


$20.65 per class


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